L'Erbolario Lodi Sun & Tan SUN CREAM With Californian Poppy Oil SPF 50+ HIGH PROTECTION – 125 ml (4.2 fl.oz.)

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Sun Cream with Golden Palm Oil Spf 50+

Total protection for the face and body

Water resistant

Ultra Protection

An extremely pleasant cream, which covers every part of the skin easily and offers super-effective protection against UVA and UVB rays.

Designed for pale, sensitive skin which reddens easily, it is ideal for the initial days of exposure and for children, but is also recommended for everyone when the latitude or season makes the sun’s action particularly aggressive.

The screening effect is guaranteed by a total of four filters, but its rich formula also contains precious natural substances like liquid Jojoba wax, acting as a barrier against the drying effects of the wind, salt and heat, Palm Oil and Olive Oil, which protect the skin against ageing, and the delicate Aloe Vera gel, which softens, moisturises and refreshes the skin.

This is therefore not just an ultra-protective cream, but also a genuine beauty treatment for the face and body, as it helps maintain the quality of the skin.


made in italy