L'Erbolario Lodi Sun & Tan AFTER SUN BATH & SHOWER FOAM with Walnut and Carrot – 375 ml (12.7 fl.oz.)

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Fragrant and invigorating during time spent in the sun or the perfect end to the day when on holiday, an aftersun shower is vital for the skin’s well-being, since it must eliminate all traces of sand, salt and impurities, but not ruin or ‘wash away’ your tan.

This bath and shower foam is specifically formulated for this: its base is the extremely effective but highly delicate derivates of Coconut and Oats, with a low foaming action, to avoid excess exfoliation of the skin, which would cause the tan to fade.

The natural extracts of Walnut Hull and Carrot, combined with a Tyrosine and Rice Protein complex, enhance and prolong your tan.

The Bath and Shower Foam is also a precious ally when you return to the city and daily life and want to keep the holiday tan as long as possible.

made in italy

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