L'Erbolario Lodi RISPOSTA DETTAGLI (High Phytocosmetics Response) Details Eyes and Lips Cream – 30 ml (1.0 fluid ounces)

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The eyes and lips are therefore very important parts of the face, which need very special care and attention.

“Risposta” Details is just what they need.

An extremely gentle but extraordinarily effective cream, which acts both immediately and gradually.

The skin in this area, which is so delicate and demanding, will feel immediately nourished, intensely moisturised and protected.

Above all, it will rediscover its tone and elasticity, whilst the signs left by changing expressions and the frequent stress of make- up will be attenuated.

made in italy



A continually changing world demands more and more from the modern woman.

She has to be active, dynamic, tireless and juggle her time successfully between work and family. She must be flexible, efficient and productive, but also know how to retain her femininity and look good. So women are asking for more, too.

Although they know you cannot turn back the clock, they want help in keeping their skin fresh and attenuating the most obvious signs of tiredness, as well as in protecting it against an environment which is not always kind to it.

Phytocosmetics, or rather High Phytocosmetics, has provided the Responses.

In this situation, the level of responsibility of L’Erbolario research has naturally increased and this has led to an increase in the quality of the Response.

Advanced Phytocosmetics from L’Erbolario derives from the most advanced vegetable-based cosmetics and offers the best response to all the needs of modernskin.

Its benefits lie principally in the ability to concentrate all the effectiveness of its ingredients, formulas and characteristics on obtaining the best results in terms of beauty and protection against wrinkles.

The perfect Response to all the skin’s needs, in seven specific treatments:

“Risposta” Day

“Risposta” Night

“Risposta” Perfection (lifting effect)

“Risposta” Details (area around eyes and lips)

“Risposta” Phytofiller Face Firming Cream

“Risposta” Phytofiller Serum Face Firming Cream

“Risposta” Cleansing


made in italy

Yes! this is the non plus ultra face line.
Expensive but high quality level.
I love RIPSOTA by l'erbolario lodi. Italian supremacy.
A must have.
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