L'Erbolario Lodi Nettle cleansing and volume adding lotion – 200 ml (6.8 fluid ounces)

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Since hair follows natural cycles, it is absolutely normal for several dozen hairs to fall out each day, as they are soon replaced.

However, aggressive treatments, environmental factors, dandruff and seborrhoea may upset, even to a serious extent, these rhythms and jeopardise hair appearance; thus an auxiliary treatment may have to be used.

Strictly alcohol-free, the Nettle Lotion helps your hair to a newer vigour, volume and gloss and contributes to fixing a style.

In daily and extended massage of the scalp, its cleansing and cosmetic action, which exploits the proper- ties of the nettle extract and aromatic rosemary water, is a useful aid in preventing hair loss.

made in italy

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