L'Erbolario Lodi AMBRALIQUIDA (Liquid Amber) fluid body cream – 250 ml (8.5 fluid ounces)

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In the highly fine texture of this cream, there is an efficient team of active sub- stances. These include Pista- chio butter, super softening and restorative, Sesame and Pistachio Oils, compacting and elasticising, and Extract of Liquidambar orientalis, antioxidant and protective.

This all contributes to your body looking good and adds seduction and beauty thanks to the hypnotic fragrance of the Liquidambar. On each application of the product, the skin will be provided with an important surplus of tone and moisturising and the body will be enveloped in the mysterious notes of Liquidambar.

made in italy

Je l'adore! C'est la crème parfait pour moi!
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