Helan MONOI DE TAHITI Sun Cream SPF50+ for face neck and décolleté – 75 ml

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From the sun, the best for your beauty Phototypes 1 and 2 – Blonde for very light, particulary sensitive skin fair hair and eyes, for the first days of sun exposure Helan’s SPF 50+ Anti-wrinkles Sun Cream prevents sun damage through: - a balanced, synergetic action of an innovative system, made up of complementary UV filters, highly effective, that protects against both UVB and UVA rays; the first are responsible for skin reddening and burns whereas the latter for premature skin aging. - a Cellular Repair that protects the skin’s surface from infrared rays, neutralizing the free radicals they emit. Enriched with Rice bran oil and Vitamin E, this formula is especially indicated to prevent skin reddening and irritation while the unique Monoï de Tahiti gives the product its exclusive, pleasant scent. Combined with its smoothening, protective, softening properties, it adds agreeability to effectiveness.

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