Helan Genova BABY LINE TOTAL SHAMPOO BATH (Bagno Totale) – 250 ml (8.45 fluid ounces)

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SHOWER GEL body for face, and hair

With Marigold and Camomile and sweet almonds proteins

Undoubtedly, a cleansing product for the baby skin must be gentle, non aggressive and iritatant free.

This means that, aside from a slightly acid pH (physiological), the cleanser's protein and glucide structure must not remove the skin's sebum, amino acid and protein.

Instead of shampoo and bath foam, Helan offers a single product solution for face, body and hair, made from vegetable based surface-active agents; sugary substances extracted from sugar cane, beet-root, wheat, combined with fatty acids from Coconut palm.

This extremely gentle cleanser is enriched with sweet Almonds proteins, Marigold and Camomile extracts. Allows impurities to be removed without altering the delicate structure of newborn hair and skin.

Does not irritate or sting the eyes.

made in italy

I love it! it smells so good and it leaves my baby's skin very soft!
Love love love love love love!!!
Perfect for my litt baby, it leavs his skin soft an comfortable as it should be!!!!
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