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L'Erbolario Baobab Face & Body Care

Baobab: Erbolario for Men

The main ingredient of this range of products is the Baobab, a proud and majestic tree which has transferred all its potency and longevity to a highly nourishing and energising oil. L'Erbolario increases its cosmetic proposals and, with six new products, get to cover all the range of the toiletry for men with a toned and vibrant fragrance!


Thanks to its decisive deodorant action, this highly fragrant roll-on deodorant will keep you fresh for longer. For men.

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Day after day, the skin becomes firmer, more vitalised and younger looking. The Coffee Butter protects the skin against sagging and the Menthol pleasantly tones and refreshes it.

Baobab: the majestic tree nourishing and energising.

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Light and almost impalpable in texture, this serum is absorbed rapidly by the skin, which benefits enormously from the combined action of its numerous...

Delicate and sensitive, the area around the eyes is a high-risk zone: every day, it is threatened by fatigue and stress, with bags and circles under the...
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