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Argania Argan Oil FACE NIGHT CREAM – 50 ml (1.7 fluid ounces)

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During the rest, the Argan Oil Night Cream promotes cell vitality, improves texture, preserves collagen integrity and stimulates the natural synthesis of the Hyaluronic acid, thanks to the special combination of NATURAL functional ingredients such as Kalpariane®, a multi-active molecule and Hyaluronic acid.

A multi-function cream replumps facial contours and fights ageing.

A complete anti-ageing action is enhanced by the presence of Argan oil, with protective and elasticizing virtues, and natural pure Tocopherol, which protects the face from ageing, usually caused by free radicals.

Night after night, the moisturized, nourished and protected skin finds its natural luminosity once again.



Softening Smoothing Nourishing Immediate and complete absorption Anti-free radicals and anti-oxidant action Accelerates cell turn-over Multi-vitaminic action (vitamins A, E and F).



After cleansing the face, apply to the face in the evening and massage it in until completely absorbed.

made in italy

The perfect night cream.
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