About Us

MiaErboristeria.com is the first beauty retailer in the world to focus exclusively on natural and organic products from Italy.

Offering over 350 of the world’s finest natural and organic beauty & wellness products, MiaErboriseria.com is #1 online destination for organic skin care, cosmetics and wellness products made in Italy.

In order for a product to be sold at MiaErboristeria.com, it must meet the following criteria: It must have at least one of the organic body care certifications, or provide sufficient evidence to MiaErboristeria.com that they are using certified organic content as much as possible.

MiaErboristeria.com considers products that contain even one Black List™ ingredient not acceptable for sale. This way we can guarantee that all the products available at MiaErboristeria.com are free of toxic synthetic ingredients, synthetic colors, fragrances and preservatives, and are never tested on animals.

Founded in 2004, MiaErboristeria is comprised of a group of beauty experts that are passionate about organics. We take great pride in only selling the best and purest beauty products. Our goal is to operate a website where consumers can shop carefree because they know that everything we carry is truly organic.

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pesaro urbino italy miaerboristeria
pesaro urbino italy miaerboristeria