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Organic and ecological

As part of our normal everyday diet, many of us now regularly use organic products for ourselves and our loved ones: cereals, milk, vegetables and fruit which have slowly and surely gained their strength from the earth, sun and water, without any force or harmful methods and without leaving the usual damage to the environment and harmful residues behind them. We know that the nutritional substances these products contain reach us cleaner, stronger and as a greater source of wellbeing. And what about the skin on our face, our body? Perhaps it is time to start nourishing and moisturising it following the same principle! This is the philosophy behind the Bio-ecocosmetics ranges. Basic products for cultivating the skin’s beauty and freshness, rich in active substances (really active!!), obtained from plants cultivated in accordance with the strictest guidelines of Organic Agriculture. Products dedicated to anyone who looks at the true substance of things, who would rather have the small and imperfectly shaped apple which, compared with its perfectly round sisters, usually conceals a genuine wealth of flavour, salts and vitamins; just as they would rather choose a cream with a texture which is not perfectly vanishing and without the most popular fragrance of the moment, but which retains intact all the properties.

Argania Argan Oil FACE DAY CREAM – 50 ml (1.7 fluid ounces)

CODE: argan.08

49.50   44.46
Moisturizing, smoothing, plumping and protective action. Immediate and complete absorption. Accelerates cell turn-over. Gives the skin a silky texture.

Argania Argan Oil FACE NIGHT CREAM – 50 ml (1.7 fluid ounces)

CODE: argan.06

54.60   49.14
Softening Smoothing Nourishing Immediate and complete absorption Anti-free radicals and anti-oxidant action Accelerates cell turn-over Multi-vitaminic action (vitamins A, E and F).

Argania PURE ARGAN OIL (The Liquid Gold) – 100 ml (3.4 fluid ounces)


52.00   46.80

One of the rarest oils in the world, with extraordinary properties. Instant, deep moisturizing, gives elasticity and firmness. Ideal for face, neck, body, hair and nail.

Argan Oil: The Liquid Gold

Argania STEM CELL ANTI AGING FACE CREAM with Argan Oil – 50 ml (1.7 fluid ounces)

CODE: arganstem02

57.20   51.48

With Apple Stem Cells and Argan Oil. Anti-ageing cream with a strong regenerating action, minimizing notable wrinkles with a lifting effect. Strengthens the skin by stimulating its self-healing natural process.

Argan Oil: The Liquid Gold

Argania STEM CELL FACE SERUM with Argan Oil – 30 ml (1.0 fluid ounces)

CODE: arganstem01

62.40   56.16

With Apple Stem Cells and Argan Oil. With a strong tightening and lifting action, its formula helps the stimulation of the skin self-repairing natural processes and reduces ageing marks. With Hyaluronic Acid.

Argan Oil: The Liquid Gold

L'Erbolario L'OLIVO Delicate Shampoo – 500 ml

CODE: 031-164


A Shampoo formulated especially for hair beauty for the whole family and enriched by the precious Olive.

L'Erbolario L'OLIVO Nourishing Body Cream – 500 ml

CODE: 026-163


To moisturize and, at the same time, let your body and soul be embraced by a beneficial and delicately perfumed caress.

L'Erbolario L'OLIVO Softening Shower Gel – 500 ml

CODE: 036-162


Gently cleanses the skin of the whole family and ensures a relaxing feeling of wellbeing.

Verattiva ANTI AGEING and STIFFENING FACE TREATMENT – 50 ml (1.7 fluid ounces)

CODE: 903710857

44.20   39.78

Formulated using organically-farmed pure Aloe Vera Baradensis gel, as well as with innovative probiotic and ceramide complex. Provides high-tech solutions to combat problems that affect the skin of the face.