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L'Erbolario L'OLIVO the new line for the whole family NEW!!!

We at L’Erbolario like to think we are part of your family: in fact we have been standing alongside you for almost forty years. Whether it is in your bathroom, next to the bathtub or the mirror, in your bag, in your beauty-case, in your gym bag or in the nursery, we imagine our products accompanying you throughout your life, to soften it, perfume it or simply create a frame for the extraordinary picture that is your existence.

L'Erbolario L'OLIVO Delicate Shampoo – 500 ml

CODE: 031-164


A Shampoo formulated especially for hair beauty for the whole family and enriched by the precious Olive.

L'Erbolario L'OLIVO Nourishing Body Cream – 500 ml

CODE: 026-163


To moisturize and, at the same time, let your body and soul be embraced by a beneficial and delicately perfumed caress.

L'Erbolario L'OLIVO Softening Shower Gel – 500 ml

CODE: 036-162


Gently cleanses the skin of the whole family and ensures a relaxing feeling of wellbeing.