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L'Erbolario Mirto (Myrtles)

A symphony of spicy notes for this range of products, with a rare and persistent fragrance which seems to come straight from England’s greens, to revoke the natural and classic elegance of times gone by.

L'Erbolario Lodi MIRTO (Myrtles) perfumed soap bar – 100 g (3.5 ounces)

CODE: 041.148

[Not Available]
This dry oil, extremely light and totally non-greasy, is a precious dew for the skin, full of all the antioxidant and toning powers of Green Tea and the... More

L'Erbolario Lodi MIRTO (Myrtles) aftershave elixir – 100 ml (3.4 fluid ounces)

CODE: 062.122

[Not Available]
Totally alcohol-free, with an isoepidermal pH, the Aftershave Elixir refreshes and tones even the most sensi- tive skins, often stressed by electric or... More

L'Erbolario Lodi MIRTO (Myrtles) eau de toilette – 110 ml (3.7 fluid ounces)

CODE: 066.120

[Not Available]
Elegant and refined, the originality of this Eau de Toilette comes from the head-note of rural fragrances (French Lavender and Juniper), refreshed by the... More

L'Erbolario Lodi MIRTO (Myrtles) pre-shave emulsion – 125 ml (4.2 fluid ounces)

CODE: 061.277

[Not Available]
An extremely pleasant emulsion which, while it softens the skin and prepares it for an impeccable shave, helps to prevent wrinkles. It eases the sliding... More

L'Erbolario Lodi MIRTO (Myrtles) shaving cream – 125 ml (4.2 fluid ounces)

CODE: 061.149

[Not Available]
It softens the skin immediately and in depth, eases the sliding of the razor and ensures rapid and perfect shav- ing. It is the ideal product for the most... More