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Nature's Hematite Mineral Men's Care

The energy of the earth in the heart of the skin!

Nature's research laboratories have fine tuned a men's line that draws from nature its extraordinary hydrating and anti-aging power: Hematite Mineral Men's Care. Each product in fact contains an extract from the effusive lava rock, Hematite, wich is very rich in iron, an essential micronutrient wich perfoms a fundamental role on collagen.

Nature's Hematite anti wrinkles face cream - 50 ml (1.7 fluid ounces)

CODE: 60.26.0201

29.40   26.46
A dual action treatment: it fights signs of age and visibly reduces lines, and soothes irritated skin after shaving. Based on Hematite , which helps... More

Nature's Hematite deodorant spray - 125 ml (4.2 fluid ounces)

CODE: 60.26.0901

16.10   14.49
An alcohol free energizing deodorant, it keeps excessive sweating in check, and it is well tollerated by the skin. It contains Zinc Ricinoleate , which... More

Nature's HEMATITE Men Toilet water (Eau de Toilette) – 50 ml (1.7 fluid ounces)

CODE: 60.26.0702

32.20   28.98

A sober, refined and very masculine parfume that has been created for a particular traveling man. It opens with fresh Meditterean Citrus note to blend into green and woody notes.

Hematite: the Energy of the Earth in the Heart of the Skin

Nature's Hematite shaving cream - 200 ml (6.8 fluid ounces)

CODE: 60.26.0501

19.60   17.64
A smooth softening cream that can be applied without a brush and is perfct for sensitive skins; it gives a clean smooth shave. It contains Hematite... More

Nature's Hematite shower shampoo – 250 ml (8.5 fluid ounces)

CODE: 60.26.0701

17.50   15.75
With Hematite and Green Tea. Ideal for body and hair, it has a combined cleansing and moisturising action. For Men.