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Extraordinary allies in the process of cleansing the face, face packs “draw outimpurities like blotting paper: they free the skin from all residues of cream and make-up, remove the dead cells and leave a pleasant sensation of freshness and of a “new skin”. Applying a face pack regularly once a week (better still twice) is essential for maintaining a glowing complexion and restoring a finer and smoother tone to the skin.

L'Erbolario Lodi CLAY & PROPOLIS mask for oily skin – 50 ml (1.7 fluid ounces)

CODE: 012.021

Combines the cosmetic properties of propolis with the definitely astringent action of clay, enhanced by sulphurated amino acids. It removes flaking cells... More

L'Erbolario Lodi nourishing and softening mask with ginseng – 50 ml (1.7 fluid ounces)

CODE: 012.190

[Not Available]
Thanks to the inclusion among its ingredients of extract of butcher’s broom, it softens skin with diffused reddening, visibly improving its appearance... More

L'Erbolario Lodi nourishing pollen & honey mask for sensitive dry skin – 50 ml (1.7 fluid ounces)

CODE: 012.020

[Not Available]
Combines the stimulating and restorative action of flower pollen with the toning and softening effect of honey. Right from the first application, it... More