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Argania PURE ARGAN OIL (The Liquid Gold) – 100 ml (3.4 fluid ounces)



One of the rarest oils in the world, with extraordinary properties. Instant, deep moisturizing, gives elasticity and firmness. Ideal for face, neck, body, hair and nail.

Argan Oil: The Liquid Gold

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In a few valleys of North Africa, eluding the laws of the desert, a very rare plant grows from which a precious oil is obtained from its fruit: ARGAN oil.

For centuries, Argan oil has protected the skin of Arabian women from the aggression of the sun and deserts. Argan oil has always been used in traditional medicine for its extraordinary properties.

Made only by women, it takes them more than one day of working by hand with 100 kilograms of fruit to obtain one liter of oil.

That makes it one of the rarest oils in the world.


Argania Spinosa (Kernel oil).


Instant, intense and deep moisturizing

Re-balances the correct hydro-lipidic contents of the cell membranes

Protects sensitive areas and gives elasticity and firmness

Soothes sensitive skin favors peripheral micro-circulation (against cellulite blemishes)

Ideal for face, neck, body, hair and nail

made in italy

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