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L'Erbolario Fiore dell'Onda (Flower Wave)

L'Erbolario Lodi FIORE DELL'ONDA (Flower Wave) bath & shower gel – 250 ml (8.5 fluid ounces)

CODE: 036.500

As the foam appears, the bathtub and the entire room will be transformed into a welcoming and peaceful la- goon, not only due to the sparkling fragrance... More

L'Erbolario Lodi FIORE DELL'ONDA (Flower Wave) eau de parfum – 50 ml (1.7 fluid ounces)

CODE: 066.502


Vigorous and fresh, penetrating, aromatic, and indomitable, a fragrance on your skin will bring the blue sea breeze to mind every day and create the illusion of being rocked by the waves. Ideal for summer time to reminds you about beautiful moments spent in Italy.


L'Erbolario Lodi FIORE DELL'ONDA (Flower Wave) fluid body cream – 200 ml

CODE: 026.501

The ocean nymphs, creatures which according to Greek myth lived in the oceans and seas, would love more than any other beauty product the Fiore... More

L'Erbolario Lodi FIORE DELL'ONDA (Flower Wave) perfumed soap bar – 100 g (3.5 ounces)

CODE: 041.503

Smooth and perfect as a stone left by the sea, this soap will create a highly fresh and aromatic foam in your hands every time you use it. For... More